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“Imperial City”

While walking through the streets of Cusco, it seems that you are transported back in time: sometimes to Inca times, sometimes to Viceroyalty period and sometimes to both simultaneously.

The walls made of black, sea green, pink, blue and granite colored stone merge with the sky, the clouds, the roof tiles, with colonial balconies and windows. These combined with the intensity of the sun create shadows which are imprinted in one’s eye and one’s memory for eternity.

As you walk through the plazas, through the narrow or wide streets, through markets, through arches, up and down mysterious hills and as you mingle with people with a thousand faces, a thousand eyes. You are immediately transported back in history, an unforgettable history of stone.

Perhaps because Cusco is known as the “The Navel of the World”, the depth of its sky, the intensity of the sun and the magic of its corners are full of details which are impossible to forget. The streets of Cusco will always leave footprints on your path.

In the City, you can find an infinite number of places to visit and experience its wonders and charm.

Traditional tours:

  • City Tour
  • Sacred Valley
  • Machu Picchu