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"Welcome to UNAYTAMBO, meaning in Quechua "Ancient Resting Place", a doorway to the history and culture of Cusco, located on one of the city's principal streets next to Qorikancha, the Temple of the Sun. where Inka walls remind us of the greatness of our ancestors, showing the whole world the richnessand history of our imperial city."

Around the 12th Century, the Quechuas originating from Qollao, guided by the mythical Inca Manko Qhapaq, established themselves in the Cusco valley taking Qorikancha (the Temple of the Sun) as their cultural epicentre, and Kusicancha (the Temple of Joy), to be the place where they developed their religious and ceremonial activities.

The UNAYTAMBO Hotel is a large house of the viceroyalty built on Inca foundations. It is situated within an archaeological complex and according to the chronicles of the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, in his famous book 'Los Comentarios Reales', the Inca Pachacuteq was born here, the most outstanding Cusquenian in all history. Proof of this can be seen in the double door posts, characteristic of the entrance to sacred places, in the present day the only doorway conserved in its original state and which serves as the entrance to the UNAYTAMBO Hotel, a witness to this grand legacy.

In colonial times, this house served as a place of rest and refreshment, being known as the Inn (Tambo) of Collavinos, due to the fact it primarily received people coming from Collao.

Once the Republic was formed, the house fulfilled a strictly residential purpose.

Finally in May 1950 a strong earthquake devastated the city, but happily this important monument of civil architecture, having seen almost eight centuries of life, was preserved to continue writing its story, a story continuing today as she shelters us under the name of UNAYTAMBO, meaning 'Once upon a time Inn (or resting place)' - we invite you to be a part of her history.